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Get a Second Opinion

We understand how overwhelming and confusing it can be to get a diagnosis that requires surgery. Getting a second opinion is always a good idea, and we are available as a resource.

There are many advanced imaging techniques and minimally invasive procedures available today, and any patient would be wise to get a second opinion from another surgeon.

Comprehensive Spine Center offers surgical second opinions for a range of spinal conditions and treatments​. Because of the high volume of patients at Global Neurosciences Institute (GNI) and Redeemer Health, our surgeons are experienced with the most complex and challenging neurological and spinal conditions.
Our physicians only want the best for your treatment and care.  We will ensure you are getting the best recommendations.

How it Works

Getting a free* second opinion is simple:

Click the below link to upload your images, and fill out the form with:

  • Your diagnosis

  • Your symptoms, being as detailed as possible

  • Your workup up to this point

  • Any helpful medical files regarding your diagnosis, treatment and recommendations from prior health care providers


Within seven days, we will:

  • Confirm your diagnosis, or suggest additional tests

  • Provide information about treatment options

  • Assess your risk

  • Make a recommendation

Once you receive your second opinion, you are not obligated to receive treatment at Comprehensive Spine Center.

*Please note that if the recommendation is to see one of our physicians in-person, any office visit fee(s) shall be charged to patient’s medical insurance and/or patient.

***If you have any acute or life-threatening symptoms or concerns, please call 9-1-1 or go to your nearest ER, do not use this form***

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